23 August 2017

Ernest Shackleton Animations

We've been working on animating parts of the incredible story of Ernest Shackleton and the 'Endurance'.  This is one of the most epic stories of survival of all time.  Check it out!

17 August 2017

Tech Update

We are now well into our second rotation in Tech!  We're all enjoying our new activities, and we're learning heaps.  Here are a few photos from today's session:

South Makirkiri Exchange

What an amazing exchange we had against South Mak!  We'll remember this for years to come, not just for the sport, but for the wacky weather.  We had pouring rain, thunder, hail and warm sunshine, all within a couple of hours!  Congratulations to all the students for your resilience and willingness to get stuck in despite the less than ideal conditions.  It was fantastic to see you all competing with a smile, and having lots of fun.  South Mak won the soccer and rugby, and we won the netball.  Thank you so much to our coaches, referees and to the parents who were able to come along and watch.  We finished up with a fantastic afternoon tea - yum!  Well done everyone!

Thanks to Mr Blanchard for some of these awesome photos:

15 August 2017

Senior Team Mathex

Today we had the Senior Team Mathex Competition!  This was organised by the students who attend the Mathex Competition last week.  We were divided up into teams and had to race to answer some really hard (and one or two easy) questions.  The pressure was on, but it was lots of fun.  Thank you to Mrs Simpson, and her team of organisers.  Congratulations to the winning team; Brenna, Jock, Mitchell and Brileigh.  Well done!

14 August 2017

Survival - All About Luck?

Do you believe that luck played a part in the survival of Steven, Aron, Juliane or Joe?  How were they lucky?  Use specific examples from their stories to justify your opinions.

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Stories Of Survival

After reading four incredible stories of survival, it is time to share your thoughts.  Who would you least like to be, Steven Callahan, Aron Ralston, Juliane Koepcke or Joe Simpson?

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11 August 2017

Dance Time

What fun we had making this wee movie!

10 August 2017

Career Education

We sure had a lot of fun making this movie in Tech today!

More Tech Fun!

09 August 2017

Wet Lunchtimes

You never know what you're going to find in the recycling bin at the end of a wet lunchtime!

New World Netball Tournament - Winners

Congratulations to our A Netball Team, who won the New World Netball Tournament yesterday.  The team played North Street, St Josephs and Ashhurst in wet and slippery conditions.  It took awhile for the team to get into their groove, but once they did, there was no stopping them!  Well done girls!

03 August 2017

Shape Art

We are in the process of finishing off another piece of super-cool art.  It was all about shapes and measuring (without a ruler) and pastel.  Here are a few that have been finished already:

NZ Playhouse

We all enjoyed the show by the NZ Playhouse Group this morning.  These very clever actors put on a show called 'Puss In Boots - Pet Detective'.  It was lots of fun, and a great way to start the day!

02 August 2017

01 August 2017

Pet Day Preparation

This year, we're going to make paper mache masks as one of our indoor exhibits for Pet Day.  Check out the awesome masks that were made by the students in Room 6 in 2015 - you might see an idea or two to 'borrow'!

27 July 2017

Tech Time!

We were very excited to start our Tech programme today!  We have been divided up into four groups, and will rotate through four activities:  Hard Materials (woodwork), Soft Materials (sewing), Food Technology (cooking) and we'll each make a CO2 car.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first day, and are very much looking forward to the rest of the programme.


We were so lucky to receive a visit from the Manawatu Turbos rugby team today!  The team decided that on their day off, they would visit some local schools.  We played some crazy games and had heaps of fun.  Go the Turbos!

25 July 2017

Be More Awesome!

Want to be more awesome?  Use this short video for inspiration!

The Lost Thing - Creative Thinking

At the end of last term, we read the picture book 'The Lost Thing', by Shaun Tan.  This weird and wacky story is all about a boy who befriends a creature that appears to be lost.  Using this book as inspiration, we designed our own 'Lost Things'.  What a creative bunch we are!

24 July 2017

Term 3 Inquiry

This term, our inquiry is:


Our first job was to think about what we thought this meant.  Here is a sample of our first ideas:

Following this, we did lots of talking in groups and as a class.  Eventually we agreed on the following definition of our inquiry:

SURVIVE: to stay alive

AGAINST THE ODDS: to achieve something
remarkable when your chances are slim

We are looking forward to getting stuck into our learning!

04 July 2017

Buddy Class - Inquiry Sharing

Now that our inquiry work has all finished for the term, it was time to share our learning with our Buddy Class.  We were very impressed with the amazing animations that our buddies have been working on!

And we were pretty proud to be able to share our Medieval Europe projects too!

02 July 2017

Disco Highlights!

What an awesome time we had at the disco!  Check out the photos:

Congratulations to the Student Council who did an excellent job of organising and running the discos. Well done team!

30 June 2017

Drama Show

We had a number of students from our class involved in the Drama Club's performance of Hansel and Gretel today - and what a talented bunch they are!  Congratulations team, that was such a cool show!

Medieval Europe: An Inquiry

Over the past few weeks, we have been taking an in-depth look at aspects of Medieval life that we were particularly interested in.  Our job was 'to prove we know a whole lot' about our topic.  After a very busy few days of writing and publishing, our assignments are finally complete.  Some people chose to present their work in poster form, while others made slideshows using Powerpoint.  Check out these awesome examples:

Pause the video if you'd like to read the information.

28 June 2017

Large Ball Skills: Basketball

Today we had our final session of our winter sports rotation - basketball with Miles.  We focused on shooting - and we weren't too bad!

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23 June 2017

Disco Time!

Black Day!

10/10 for awesomeness on Black Day Room 6!  Go All Blacks!

21 June 2017

Staff vs Year 8 Students - Patter Tennis

It was a close match, but the staff just managed to beat the Year 8 students in patter tennis today!

Large Ball Skills: Football

As part of our Large Ball Skills rotation, we had football with Miss Fleet today.  We did some fun skills and drills before getting stuck into a game.  Thanks Miss Fleet!

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