18 November 2018

Nydia Bay Camp

WOW!  What a week we had!  There are way too many highlights to list, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to experience such an awesome part of our country.  Thank you to the fantastic parents who spent the week with us - we hope you had loads of fun.  We know we're going to remember our trip to Nydia Bay for many years to come.

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27 October 2018

Cross Country

Congratulations to all of you for putting in 100% effort in the cross country.  It was awesome to watch you all striving to achieve your goals  Well done Room 8 - you did good.  If you'd like to have a squiz at Mr Blanchard's amazing photos, please click the link below.

Mr Blanchard's Photos - CLICK HERE

24 October 2018

Interschool Speech Competition

Congratulations to Cameron and Briar who represented our school VERY well at the Interschool Speech Competition.  As usual, the competition was red-hot, and the standard very high.  A special congratulations to Briar, who won the Y7 competition!  

Helicopter Ride

We had a special visit from the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter this morning - in fact, Tommy and Holly were given a ride to school!  This was part of the prize they won earlier in the year, at the Manawatu Turbos launch event.  How cool is that?  Thank you to the Manawatu Turbos for organising this prize, and to the crew of the helicopter for giving Tommy and Holly a ride!

19 October 2018

Shakeout Drill 2018

We had an earthquake drill this morning, as part of a nation-wide 'shakeout'.  This means that thousands of people all around our country were dropping, covering and holding at the same time!  We know exactly what to do in an earthquake - let's hope we remember what to do when it really counts.

02 October 2018

Pet Day 2018

We are all looking forward to Pet Day, which is being held on Thursday 18 October - that's the first week back at school after the holidays!  We are excited to show off our super cool indoor exhibits.  We made our 'Pookie Faces' with Mrs Simpson in Tech.  Our 'Pet Selfies' show us posing with one of our pets.  Check it out:

28 September 2018

Kapa Haka

Our Kapa Haka group were awesome in assembly today!  

The Senior Social

We had a blast at our Senior Social last night!  We all looked pretty 'swag', and had loads of fun movin' and groovin' to all our favourite social songs.  The supper was awesome too!

27 September 2018

The Great Potato Project

We have once again joined forces with Room 1 to participate in the Great Potato Project of 2018!  Working in teams of three, we had to plant our seed potatoes and say some magic words to help the potato grow well.  It will be interesting to see who can grow the biggest/heaviest potato this year!  We are looking forward to a big feast at the end of the year!  

25 September 2018

Interhouse Quiz

Today we held the annual Interhouse Quiz!  The students in Rooms 4, 5 and 6 were divided up into teams and had to work together to answer 70 questions.  Topics included geography, general knowledge, history, famous places and faces, music, movies and books.  The results were amazingly close!

1st:  Totara
2nd:  Kauri
3rd:  Matai
4th:  Rimu

Congratulations to Kauri 5 - the winners!  Well done Holly, Hayden, Sophie, Isabella and Rielli.

Fun Times

We did some cool activities with our reliever, Mrs Skelton yesterday!

Firstly, we made 'Love Letters' to send to the children at Starship Hospital.  The letters are used to spell out a patient's name.  We hope the kids like our work!

In maths, we had a geometry/construction challenge, where we had to make the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.  Congratulations to Ruby, Abbie and Lucy, who won the challenge with a tower measuring 55cm tall!

23 September 2018

Turbo Time

Our class turned into a full-on Green Machine today, at the Manawatu vs Wellington rugby match!  After winning a 'Game Day Experience' thanks to Norwood Farm Machinery, we were treated to a BBQ, (cooked by Turbos players), a tour of the training facilities the Turbos use, and tickets to the game.  Unfortunately the Turbos were well beaten.  We all had loads of fun though!

22 September 2018

Drama Show - Cinderella

Well done to Regan, Shaun, Dylan, Ryan, Finlay, Shania and Ashlee, who were awesome in their performance of 'Cinderella' last week.  They spent loads of time practicing, and we're all proud of you for what you have achieved.  The show was very entertaining!  Great work kids!  Well done to Elisabeth and Bethany who helped out behind the scenes too.

Sports Fun Day & Sausage Sizzle

The Sports Fun Day was awesome!  We had heaps of fun planning, testing and actually teaching our crazy games to the other students at our school.  There were loads of laughs, some big wipe outs and great competitiveness shown on the day.  Well done Room 6.  You did good.  Check out the highlights:

Congratulations to the Y8 students from Rimu, who did a fantastic job of cooking a sausage sizzle for lunch.  Yummo!

20 September 2018

Ball Rush

Some of the students in Room 6 have invented a new game - BALL RUSH!  This game is a combination of ball tag and bull rush.  Players must run from one end of the field to the other, while the taggers in the middle try to smash them with a swiss ball.  The result?  Complete carnage.

Tech Group B - Movies

19 September 2018

Tower Building Championships

We launched into our latest team challenge today!  We were divided up into teams and had to build the tallest tower we could in eight minutes. Then our towers were measured and the results recorded.  We'll do this eight times with:

  • buckets
  • cards
  • plastic cups
  • atlases & dictionaries
  • rods
  • multilink cubes
  • wooden 3D shapes
  • plastic sticks and balls

We know that activities like this help us to develop HEAPS of great skills, such as decision making, compromise, communication, perseverance, problem solving and making a positive contribution to our team.  A steady hand helps too!

Check out the video from the action today!

14 September 2018

Movie Making Fun

There were lots of giggles as Tech Group B launched into some movie making today...

12 September 2018

Tech Challenge

Today we completed our first Tech Challenge in ages!  The problem?

'Forest fires are sweeping the land.  Build a tower that would allow Marge (our wee plastic doll) to keep watch and spot any new fires'.


  • must be freestanding
  • Marge must stand up
  • the higher the better

We worked in teams and had about 45 minutes to construct our towers.  At the end of this time, 5/10 groups managed to make a tower that could actually stand up.  It was great to see some originality with some of the designs.  Congratulations to Rebecca, Shania and Holly, who were clear winners in the end.

Was your tower a success?  Why?

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11 September 2018

Message From Australia!

Remember this video?  Well, we've received an email about it...

Good Morning  Room 6,

My name is Mrs Kerrigan and I am the Music Teacher at Allendale Primary School in Geraldton, Western Australia.

I recently saw your amazing Synchronised Basketball assembly item (on youtube) and was blown away by it! I was just wondering if you would be able to let me know the name of the track that you used for it? Was it one easily accessible, or did you remix a few different songs into one?

I'd love to use the same track for a dance that we are doing next term.

Thank you so much for your help!
Mrs Kerrigan

How cool is that?  In case you're wondering, Geraldton is located on the west coast of Australia (see below).  Mrs Kerrigan will send us a copy of the video they make - awesome!

07 September 2018

Tech - Final Rotation

Today we started our final rotation for Tech - we'll be all done in four weeks!  We are excited to start our new activity, and we're looking forward to learning new skills and making some cool stuff!

Check out what Group B made today:

30 August 2018

Colyton Sports Exchange

We had the fourth and final of our winter sports' exchanges with Colyton School today.  There were some fantastic battles, and we won some and lost some!  The sun was shining, the kids were smiling and the afternoon tea was awesome!  Thank you so much to our coaches, referees and supporters.

Thanks to Mr Blanchard for the brilliant photos too!