10 July 2018

Ki O Rahi

We had a fantastic opportunity to put our Ki O Rahi skills to the test last week, in a game of Ki O Rahi against some of the staff from Sport Manawatu.  We were well prepared with our ninja head gear, but we weren't able to beat the adults.  They had one or two VERY quick people who were pretty much unstoppable.  We gave it a good nudge though, and had loads of fun.  Thanks to Marcus and the team from Sport Manawatu!  Also, thanks to Mr Blanchard for the cool photos!

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award

Congratulations to Lucy who was recently awarded the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award.  Earlier in the year, the senior students voted for who they thought should receive the award.  Mr Wilton from Westpac Bank, attended assembly to present Lucy with her well deserved award.  Well done Lucy!

05 July 2018

Interhouse Nukumball

Congratulations to Kauri, who took out the interhouse nukumball competition in a great battle against Totara today.  Well done kids!  Final results:

1st:  Kauri
2nd:  Totara
3rd:  Matai
4th:  Rimu

04 July 2018

Large Ball Skills - Football

We blasted our way around the soccer pitch in our last rotation for Large Ball Skills today.  The slippery conditions made for an entertaining match, and it was great chance to develop our kicking and running and passing and balance and team work and agility and dribbling skills.  Thanks for teaching us Miss Fleet!

Photographer:  Finlay

Buddy Class - 100 Days At School

Today marked 100 school days since the beginning of the year!  This was cause for celebration!  So, we joined forces with our buddy class, and had a bit of fun with an app called 'Aging Booth'.  This app did terrible things to us... it made us look 100 years old!  While the results were pretty scary, we sure had a lot of fun!

02 July 2018

Interhouse Nukumball

The next interhouse event kicked off today - NUKUMBALL!  The windy conditions made it a bit tricky, but all four houses started well.  Well done to Kauri and Totara who won their first games.

30 June 2018


Congratulations to the Year 8 students from Kauri, who organised a FANTASTIC disco on Friday.  We all had so much fun and busted out our very best dance moves!

29 June 2018

Tech Update

Today we were super excited to start our third rotation in Tech - yehaa!  We look forward to learning new skills and making some cool stuff!

28 June 2018

Room 6 Kidz Quiz

The students in Room 6 were VERY keen to have a go at the questions that were in the school quiz night last week.  Teams were drawn at random, 'interesting' team names were selected, and we've done a couple of rounds each day this week.  The competition was red-hot!  Congratulations to 'Ocean's 11' (Tommy, Cameron, Ashlee and Rhianna) - the champions!

27 June 2018

Large Ball Skills - Basketball

We enjoyed basketball with Miss Jeynes this afternoon!

Photographer:  Finlay

26 June 2018


Made with Padlet

Reading Groups

We have four reading groups in Room 6 and we have done LOADS of reading this term.  Each group has nearly finished their second book.  Each time the group meets to discuss their reading and what's been happening in the book, everyone has a chance to share their ideas, debate issues and ask questions about things that are a bit tricky to understand.  It is a bit of a mission to keep up with how much has to be a read, and by when.  Lucky we're pretty organised in Room 6!

21 June 2018

Year 7 Kids Only!

The Year 8 students went off to the open day at Feilding High School this afternoon, and the rest of us worked really hard.....

20 June 2018

Netball Time

Our journey to become masters of winter sports continued today - it was time for netball with Miss Main.  Even though it took some of us a while to get used to some of the rules, we had loads of fun!  Thanks Miss Main!

Photographer:  Finlay

14 June 2018


As our learning about plastic is coming to an end, it was time for us to start thinking about what we can actually do about the problem!  We were divided up into groups, and had to search online to find some great suggestions for how we can reduce plastic.  We had to consider two criteria:  1) what is relevant for us? and 2) what is achievable?  After some fantastic discussion and debate, we finally settled on the Top 3:



eg. straws, plastic cutlery, food packaging

11 June 2018

Large Ball Skills - Rippa Rugby

Today we managed to catch up the rippa rugby session we missed last week because of the yucky weather.  Because we have played rippa lots of times before, we didn't need to muck around with learning the rules - we just got stuck into some games!

Photographer:  Finlay

10 June 2018

Skipping Challenge

Hopefully the kids in Room 6 will be up for the challenge soon!

06 June 2018

Marble Rolling Championships

This afternoon, we had the annual Room 6 Marble Rolling Championships.  We were divided up into teams, and had to create a ramp using newspaper, straws, plastic cups and sellotape.  The aim was to be able to roll a marble down the ramp, and it would roll for a further 3m.  The closest to the 3m mark would be the winner.  Congratulations to Blake, Lucy, Dylan and Anna - they were only 10cm off!

01 June 2018

Tech Update

Today we started our second rotation in Tech.  We were all pretty excited to learn new skills and create some cool stuff!

31 May 2018

The Big Bark Project

We made a positive contribution to our community this afternoon - we shifted a MASSIVE pile of bark from the end of the Halcombe Community Walkway to the garden 40m along the track.  It was hard work, but we enjoyed the opportunity to get stuck in and help out.  Well done team!

26 May 2018

Flossing The Floss

Well, we're not all all floss experts, but as usual, we give everything our best shot!

25 May 2018

Dubsmash Fun!

Wheels Day

We had an awesome two days of wheeling this week!  We didn't let the rain and icy conditions stop us from having heaps of fun and showing off all our moves.  Congratulations to the Matai Year 8 students who organised this event - well done team!

24 May 2018

Science Experiment

Nearly two months ago, we buried seven plastic items in our garden.  The goal was to observe and record how much the items degraded over the term.  We have dug up and re-buried the seven items twice.  We have been shocked to discover, that there is ZERO sign of degradation on ANY of the items.  In fact, we think that if we washed the dirt off, we would be able to reuse everything.

Surely some of the items will start to degrade before the end of the term?

Here is Blake showing one of the items, a plastic bottle, to the rest of the class.  Everyone else is recording information in their diary:

Staff vs Year 8 Students - Patter Tennis

With 12 chances, the teachers should have been unbeatable... they weren't.  The students ruthlessly picked the staff off one by one until they won the match.  Well done kids!

Kids = 1 (patter tennis)
Staff = 1 (flippaball)

It's on!

Photographer:  Rhianna

23 May 2018

Risk Taking!

That moment when you want to try the jump, but you're a bit scared, but everyone else is doing it, and you're pretty sure you're going to break something, but you get stuck in there and do it anyway!  Go Anna!

22 May 2018


Ki-O-Rahi is a traditional Maori game, and is a reflection of the legend of a love story between Rahi and Tiara.  The game is complex, but SO fun, and you need to have quick reflexes, good passing and catching skills, speed and a never-say-die attitude!

Thank you so much to Marcus from Sport Manawatu, who came along and coached us today.  We're definitely looking forward to having another go at this game!

Photographer:  Bethany

Mu Torere Final

Our class Mu Torere Championship finished up today, with a great battle between finalists, Jessie and Kane.  It's hard to know whether winning is about having a good strategy, or just good luck, but Jessie and Kane sure looked like they knew what they were doing!  Congratulations to Jessie, who managed to beat Kane 2-1.

21 May 2018

National Young Leaders Day

Today Brenna, Ashley, Anna and Bethany attended the National Young Leaders Day in Palmerston North.  This was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about leadership and how to be awesome.  The girls heard from a number of inspirational speakers, and were even entertained by William Wairua and Vince Harder!  Here are some of the key points:


  • Hard work pays off.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Set goals.
  • Face your fears.
  • Success is no accident.
  • Once you've decided on a goal, charge after it in an unstoppable manner.
  • Write down a list of 100 things you want to achieve - and do it!
  • You don't have to be good to start.  But, you'll never be good if you don't start.

  • If the challenge terrifies you, do it anyway!
  • It's okay to fail, we all fail.  If you're not failing, you're probably not pushing yourself hard enough.
  • If you have a dream, keep going!  It doesn't matter how long it takes you to achieve it.
  • If we're willing to push ourselves, we can achieve unbelievable things.

  • Try to be excellent at what you're good at.
  • Tomorrow doesn't have to be the same as today.
  • We need to give people a reason to follow us - HOPE.
  • H = humility = give credit where credit is due.
  • O = others focused = put others ahead of yourself.
  • P = play to your strengths = we're all good at something, so keep trying till you find your thing.
  • E = extend yourself = take risks.

  • Fear is one of the biggest obstacles we need to get over.
  • Young people are so influential and have so much power.
  • One person can make a difference.  But a lot of people, who each do a little bit, can make a massive difference.
  • Put EVERYTHING into ANYTHING you do.

18 May 2018


We are now half way through our first rotation of Tech.  We're having fun and learning loads of new stuff!  Here are some pictures of us in action today:

16 May 2018

Interhouse Patter Tennis

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been participating in one of our favourite interhouse competitions - PATTER TENNIS!  Throughout the round robin competition, there were loads of fantastic rallies and skills on display from all four teams.  

Today we held the finals.  First up, Matai faced Totara in the playoff for third and fourth.  Totara absolutely blitzed Matai to take the win.  The final between Kauri and Rimu followed, and the match definitely lived up to all the pre-match hype.  There was a lot of talk about who was going to win.  It was a really tight match, but Kauri managed to overpower Rimu in the end.  Congratulations Kauri!

Once again, our sportsmanship skills were pretty awesome!

Kauri - WINNERS:

10 May 2018

Sea Turtle Art

We have just completed a piece of art that we are super proud of.  After reading about how plastic kills hundreds of thousands of marine animals each year, we were inspired to find out more.  

We learnt that there are seven species of sea turtles, and six of these species are endangered.  Turtles can become stuck in ghost gear (fishing equipment), caught as bycatch or can choke on plastic bags.

First we sketched our turtles, after watching a 'How To Draw A Turtle' tutorial on You Tube.  Next we outlined them with vivid before painting the body, shell and background.  We used pastel to add detail to the shell and body to make our turtles look more life-like.

This art is dedicated to these beautiful creatures that grace our oceans:

08 May 2018


Today we finally had a chance to get stuck into some rakau!  We practiced a routine we have used in Room 6 before, and BOOM, Blake and Kane mastered it immediately.  Check it out:

Goober Of The Week

Here is the evidence.... a gumboot became STUCK on Jessie's foot today.  Wow.

Learning From A Little Kid!

This video gave us a real giggle yesterday, but actually, we can learn a lot from this cool little guy!

Keep trying!
Don’t expect others to clean up your mess.
Don’t rely on others, you can do it!
Don’t let the hard knocks get you down.
Don’t waste food or drink.
Don’t be a halfa (do half the job). Do a good job the first time around.
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.  That’s life!
When you fail, just get back in there and give it another go.

07 May 2018

Kahurangi Performing Arts Group

Today we had a visit from the Kahurangi Performing Arts Group.  This group travels the country, sharing their love of performing and Maori culture.  We were super impressed with their skills, and really enjoyed the show.

  • I enjoyed the stories, because they were interesting.  My favourite one was 'Pania Of The Reef'.  Mitchell.
  • It was funny watching Josh trying to do the moves with the taiaha.  He was shy at the start, but became more confident.  Rebecca.
  • I enjoyed the story about the woman swimming across the lake.  The way Lucky and Toots told the story was really funny.  Finlay.
  • The end part was cool, because they were awesome singers, and sang loud and proud!  I also enjoyed watching the girls do the poi.  Freda.
  • The whole show was really funny, and they were good at making the audience laugh.  Hollie.

04 May 2018

Tech - It's Go Time!

We were very excited to start Tech today!  We will spend the next 20 Friday mornings rotating around five different activities:  Food Technology (cooking and baking), Hard Materials (woodwork), Soft Materials (sewing), Hand Craft and Digital Technology.  We had lots of fun in our first session, and learnt plenty of new skills.

Tech Group C made some cool movies today, check it out!