23 October 2013

Cross Country

Today was the day... the day we've been waiting for... the cross country!  After weeks of training, it was time for the real thing and boy were we pumped.  The weather was kind to us and gave us perfect running conditions.  Unfortunately the prickles were as prickly as ever and finding a safe route around them was a bit of a challenge!  Thank you to the parents were helped us during this event - we appreciate your support.

Room 6 - congratulations on an excellent performance today.  I was very impressed with the determination and guts you showed throughout the races - our track is pretty tough and you attacked it like pros!  I'm proud of you.

The Results:
Year 6/7 Girls -  1st: Ffion, 2nd: Natalie, 3rd=: Victoria and Olivia C.
Year 6/7 Boys -  1st: Kerry, 2nd: Jago, 3rd: Frazer.
Year 8 Girls -  1st: Elen, 2nd: Molly, 3rd: Nelly.
Year 8 Boys - 1st: Alex, 2nd Tyler, 3rd: Stefan.

Now, what you've been waiting for... the photos from the bog!  Please enjoy!

Photographer:  Mrs Christiansen


  1. Excellent event, as always. Some fantastic facial expressions going through the bog!!

  2. Hope you all had fun, sure you are glad it was a nice day for it. My idea of a great spectator sport.

  3. That sure was an authentic cross country run with creeks, mud and prickles! It was amazing to see how many kids ran without shoes. You really are tough guys and gals. Well done!

  4. What a brilliant effort . . . well done everyone.

  5. It looks as though you all tried your very best and had fun running the course as well. I miss Halcombe School, although I can't say I miss standing on those prickles while running cross country! Don't worry Miss Simpson, I'm still making sure my surface features are 100%, have a nice time at camp, you all deserve it!

    1. Hi Emily!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, there were thousands of prickles this year - not fun! Am very pleased to hear that you are maintaining your high standards, I would expect nothing less!

      I'd be interested to have a chat to you and a couple of the other Year 8's from last year at some point about how your year has been. Maybe you could come out one day and have a chat to the current Year 8's and give them some advice. What do you reckon?

      Take care, Miss Simpson

    2. The amount of prickles don't surprise me!

      I think that'd be pretty cool if some of us came in and talked to everyone about high school and everything that's been happening through out the year! It sounds like a great idea to me.

  6. What a fantastic effort put in by all, I am glad you managed to make your goal Hannah and come in the top 5 for your group, you worked hard at achieving that goal, what will you set for yourself next year???