07 August 2015

Mathex Awesomeness

Today eight students in our class were involved in the Manawatu Mathex Competition.  All four of our teams did very well - thank you very much to Mrs Simpson who has trained the teams.

Lydia, Catherine, Jensen and Jack made up the Year 7 team.  They said it was fun, but very nerve wracking.  They were pleased with the speed of their marker and thought the free pens they were given were pretty cool.  They achieved an outstanding result of 3rd!  Congratulations team!  Thanks to Mrs Pene for providing transport.

Sophie, Madi, Josh and Jade were in our Year 8 team.  They commented that the questions were very hard and some of them were very frustrating to try and answer.  Despite these challenges the team achieved an excellent result of 5th.  According to the team, the key to success was being able to work well together.  Well done!  Thank you to Mrs Gilmour for providing transport.


  1. Well done to everyone. The questions in the second half were fast & furious, I was on the edge of my seat but you all kept your cool, you were awesome.

  2. Well done teams you should be really proud of how hard you worked. Great results.

  3. Congrats guys, you all did really well.

  4. Mathex was really fun and it was awesome how well we did!

  5. Great work teams, you are all very clever.