11 August 2015

Maths Week: Day 2

We started off with some algebra-based hundreds board challenges today.  The task was to plot and connect the dots, which would eventually create a wee picture.  This was what one of the pictures was supposed to look like:

There was a massive variety in what some people created...

We also completed this annoyingly addictive make-a-square game.  Congratulations to Bethany, Mia, Bradley and Shane, who all managed to 'beat' the computer!

In our final challenge, we used the multi link cubes to try to complete the tasks below.  We had to use different strategies such as trial and error, guess and check and logical thinking.  Some people figured it out straight away, while others took a bit longer!


  1. That computer is pretty clever! I managed one five games.

    1. Don't worry Mr Alcock, it took me about 20 turns before I managed a win!