31 October 2017

Young Achievers

Congratulations to Olivia, William and Shelby!  They are our 2017 Young Achievers, and they received recognition at the Manawatu Young Achievers Award ceremony last night.  Here is why they received their awards:

Olivia is passionate about all aspects of farming.  She has raised a calf every year, and has an extensive knowledge of farm life.  Olivia regularly helps out on the family farm, and always has a story to tell about her latest farming adventures!

William was born to be a farmer.  He is very aware of environmental issues facing farmers today, and has helped his family to plant thousands of trees on their property, and fence off waterways.  He is also passionate about utilising new technology to help with jobs on the farm.

As a member of Marton St John, Shelby makes a positive contribution to our community.  Involvement in this activity requires commitment, hard work and many hours of training.  Shelby carries out her responsibilities with enthusiasm and dedication.

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