20 March 2018

Mr Clement - The Weather Guy

Today we had a visit from Mr Clement, a lecturer at Massey University.  He taught us lots about clouds, the water cycle and how rain happens.  He was very interesting to listen to, and we learnt heaps!
  • I learnt how warm water can become colder as it reaches a higher altitude.  AH
  • I learnt that when the sea water evaporates, the salt crystals don't evaporate with it.  RJ
  • I learnt the names of clouds, and the different types of clouds.  RD
  • I learnt that the higher the altitude, the colder the temperature.  For example, it would be colder at the top of Mount Ruapehu, than in Halcombe.  TO
  • I learnt how clouds are made.  HP
  • I learnt what transpiration is.  BC
  • I learnt that humans actually breathe in water vapour.  MB
  • I learnt there is the same amount of water on Earth, as there was 6 billion years ago.  FW

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a valuable visit. Even we at home learned about the weather (and transpiration).