11 April 2018

Weather Diary

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning all about weather!  We have done loads of different activities that have helped us to understand more about how and why weather 'happens'.

One of the things we've been doing is keeping track of the weather in a diary.  We certainly saw a fantastic variety of weather during this time!  We measured the following things on eight different occasions:
  • temperature - how warm was it in degrees celsius?
  • precipitation - how much rain did we have?
  • cloud cover - what percentage of the sky is covered in cloud?
  • cloud type - what kind of clouds were in the sky?
  • wind strength - how hard was the wind blowing?
  • wind direction - which direction was the wind coming from?
  • comfort level - how comfortable were we?

Here is Bethany's weather diary:

Today we interpreted and analysed all the data we have gathered, and made the following statements:

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