16 May 2018

Interhouse Patter Tennis

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been participating in one of our favourite interhouse competitions - PATTER TENNIS!  Throughout the round robin competition, there were loads of fantastic rallies and skills on display from all four teams.  

Today we held the finals.  First up, Matai faced Totara in the playoff for third and fourth.  Totara absolutely blitzed Matai to take the win.  The final between Kauri and Rimu followed, and the match definitely lived up to all the pre-match hype.  There was a lot of talk about who was going to win.  It was a really tight match, but Kauri managed to overpower Rimu in the end.  Congratulations Kauri!

Once again, our sportsmanship skills were pretty awesome!

Kauri - WINNERS:

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  1. Inter house pattertennis was super fun this year. Thanks everyone for some great games! Well done Kauri.