12 September 2018

Tech Challenge

Today we completed our first Tech Challenge in ages!  The problem?

'Forest fires are sweeping the land.  Build a tower that would allow Marge (our wee plastic doll) to keep watch and spot any new fires'.


  • must be freestanding
  • Marge must stand up
  • the higher the better

We worked in teams and had about 45 minutes to construct our towers.  At the end of this time, 5/10 groups managed to make a tower that could actually stand up.  It was great to see some originality with some of the designs.  Congratulations to Rebecca, Shania and Holly, who were clear winners in the end.

Was your tower a success?  Why?

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  1. The tech challenge yesterday was really fun because our tower worked and our group was cool to work with

  2. This was a very fun tec challenge and I can't wait for the next one.