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      1. wow, you guys in room 6 have been very busy and I can see you practice your skills until perfect. Love all the amazing art work too, keep up the great work.

      2. The cartoons are great, you have all been working hard. Well done Room 6

      3. What a great Class you are in Logan........very interesting, and hope you keep cooking! I must look at your Class blog more often! Your GranNan will be interested, too, and Shelley, and cousins Cael and Jaime.........Well done, Nana F.

      4. Great Blog, well done from Ravenswood in Western Australia :)

      5. HI there, my name is Mr Brown, I am writing a book on Maori games and would like to see if I can get your picture of Maui capturing the sun past my editors so that it can be in the published book. It was posted in 2013 and appears on the web, in 'images' keywords: 'maui' 'sun'


        1. Hi Harko, thanks for your comment. Flick me an email if you like: dsimpson@halcombe.school.nz. Sounds exciting!

      6. I love the bow and arrow