Te Reo Kori


Hipitoitoi - Hand Game

  • Sit opposite a partner.  Decide who will be the caller.
  • The caller says "Hipitoitoi".
  • Both players immediately form one of four hand movements.
  • If the other player does the same hand movement as you, then you score a point and the game restarts.
  • First player to score ten points wins!
  • The quicker you play the game, the better.

Whakaropiropi Ai - Hand Game
  • Stand opposite a partner.
  • Decide who is the 'defender'.
  • Both players make the calls as shown in the video.
  • That person forms one of five arm/hand movements.
  • If the other person does the same move as the defender, the defender scores a point.
  • First to ten points wins.
  • Play as fast as possible.
  • You can extend this game to be an elimination style game as shown in the video.

Poi Rakau - Stick Game

  • Students stand in a circle, while one person stands in the middle.
  • This person is known as the putahi.
  • Each group has two sticks.
  • The people on the outside either throw the stick to the putahi, or pass it to someone on either side of them.
  • When the putahi has a stick, they must throw it to someone standing on the outside of the circle.

Mau Rakau 1 - Stick Game
  • Students stand in a circle with their ti rakau.
  • One person is the caller.
  • If they call MAUI, you pass your stick to your LEFT.  If they call MATAU, you pass your stick to your right.
  • If you drop the stick, you're out.
  • The faster the better!

Mau Rakau 2 - Stick Game
  • Students line up facing the front.
  • One person is the caller.
  • They call out a series of commands which everyone else follows:       

ki raro: down
ki runga: up
ki te taha: to the side
ki waenganui: between
kuru: throw
matau: right
mauī: left
mowhiti: jump
whakarehu: thrust

Ti Rakau - Stick Game

Mu Torere
  • This board game is played with a partner.
  • You need the game board and each player needs four counters.
  • The aim is to block your partner from being able to move.


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